Homemade granola

I love GRANOLA! It makes a great breakfast as it has all the nutrients you need for starting your day in the best way. The problem is that, quite often, I cannot find the commercial right one for me and my family, as everyone has a different taste and what likes to one doesn’t like to the others, therefore I’ve decided to make it myself today. It’s very easy to make and doesn’t cost much, even because, I’m pretty sure, you got all the ingredients in your kitchen already! Are you ready for making some tasty granola? Let’s do it!


100g mixed nuts

45g dried apricots

70g mixed seeds

200g rolled oat

125g clear honey

30g sunflower oil

1/2 tsp salt


Preheat the oven to 150°C and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper and set aside.

Chop the mixed nuts and apricots and pop into a bowl. Add the seeds and oat.

In another bowl mix honey, oil and salt together and let it melt over a bowl of hot water. When the mixture is all liquid and fluid, pour it over the dry ingredients and mix well until is all covered. Get back the lined baking tray and spread the mixture evenly on it. Pop into the oven for about 20/30 minutes, or until is all golden and smells good! Taste a bit to check if it is well toasted. Let it cool in the tray and try to resist!

Be careful…it’s additive! I couldn’t stop myself from eating it!

Obviously you can make all the changes you wish! Maybe you don’t like apricots and prefer dates instead…no one is stopping you from swapping the ingredients I’ve been using with what you like! Have fun and have yourself a great (and extremely healthy) breakfast! Enjoy!

If you need any help with this recipe, don’t hesitate to contact me! I would gladly help you anytime! Besides, I’ll be pleased to see if you make this recipe, and let me know what do you think about it! Thanks! See you to the next culinary experiment!

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