Homemade glutenfree dumplings


There’s a brand new toy in my kitchen and it happens to be a bamboo steamer!

Couldn’t wait to play with it, so my first experiment has been these delicious #glutenfree chinese dumplings! Long story made short: the first dough turned out into Ooblek (the famous NO Newtonian stuff which is not solid or liquid, and yet, it works as both!) and let the kids playing with it. But the second time I’ve got it right! Let’s see the ingredients:

– 1 and a half cup of corn starch

– 1 cup of potato starch

– boiling water

For making the dough just mix the flours together and then add the hot water, a little bit at time, until the dough gets together. Doesn’t need to be over mixed, as there is no gluten. When ready, let it rest covered for about 10 minutes! The filling you choose to make is totally up to you: it might be vegan, fishy or meaty! There’s no rules in that! I simply mixed together: chinese cabbage, carrots, spring onions, sausage meat and soy sauce! But you can mix only veggies if you prefer, maybe adding some mushrooms for give it a kick of taste, or maybe you fancy a bit of fish, so you can add some flaked haddock, or salmon, or shrimps, or, why not, all 3 of them! It’s very important that anything you choose must be finely chopped!

After 10 minutes our glutenfree dough is ready to be rolled in a long snake, chopped in regular pieces that will get tossed in corn starch and covered again! One by one, try to make regular circles out of the pieces helping you with a little rolling pin, then add the filling in the middle and close the very tight (there are lots of good YouTube videos about how to make their tipical shape!). When you finished to roll, fill and close, it’s time to steam!!! Get your bamboo steamer on the boiling water, put few cabbage or lettuce leaves on the bottom of it before putting your beautiful dumplings! Close, and let the steam make its magic for about 13/15 minutes!

When they are ready, I suggest you to put your little, shiny jewels on a bad of lettuce leaves, as they stick to the plate easily! ENJOY!!!

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