Sourdough beetroot oat porridge bread

This is my second attempt to make beetroot bread! My aim is to keep that brilliant, lovely colour into the crumb, but it’s getting difficult, as it seems steaming away after baking. My first attempt didn’t keep any colour at all, so this one is already something. I create this recipe trying to figure out the best balance between colour and taste, so I used organic white bread flour and organic rye flour, thinking that, perhaps, a very white dough could keep much colour in itself, rather than a brown one! I reckon has been a good idea adding cooked oat porridge as it actually kept much colour in itself, in fact, all the pink-ish stripes, come from it, not mentioning the taste of its buttery glorious flavour. Let’s see how I made this bread, shall we?


  • Organic white bread flour 262g
  • Organic white rye flour 88g
  • Levain 70g
  • Salt 7.6g
  • Water 274g
  • Steamed fresh beetroot 42g


  • Butter 10g
  • Oat 36g
  • Milk 76g
  • Water 76g

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