Hello! My name is Bia and welcome to my world! What is my blog about: well, let’s start saying that I am a bit of all, but mostly an artist and artisan. I love thinking that we, as humans, can make beautiful things out of anything! The first, and most important ingredient is FANTASY!
When I see a thread, I don’t actually see only a thread, what I see is a project! My mind starts going hectic and start figuring out what amazing thing I can make with it! Same thing happens when I see a flour that I never seen before, or a lovely fabric with an unusual pattern…how many possibilities in front of my eyes. This brings me joy and it’s actually what makes me feel HAPPY!
I do love books!!! Love getting lost in the pages of an old book by breathing the scent of paper and ink. There’s nothing easier than find answers in books: they know everything! This makes me feel safe in a world that goes too fast for me! I’m an old soul. I like things that requires long time. If it’s fast, easy and quick, is definitely not for me! For instance, I find peace of mind making bread. It’s my daily meditation! Even now, while writing these few words about myself, I’m making sourdough bread! Somebody says I’m obsessed with sourdough, but is my escape from stress and negativity, plus I really don’t mind what people thinks. I’m my own person and only I can define myself! This is a lesson that I’ve learn from growing old! Patience is the best gift you can give to yourself.
I’m a huge fan of Alice in wonderland! Since I was a little girl, she was my heroin. She could do whatever she wanted only with the power of her fantasy. You see? Fantasy is the key for everything! Also curiosity and a bit of recklessness in her case!
Well, this is me! Of course there is much more, but I want to show you this with my posts! I’m so excited to share with you my passion for food and knowledge of the white art and much, much more! Let’s have some fun, shall we?! Xx